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The COMPUTER LEARNING WITH LINUX coursebooks are the only computer learning method for Primary School students entirely based on open source environments and software (Linux, Ubuntu, OpenOffice…).

Each course is comprised of a COURSEBOOK + CD. The CD has all the open source programs necessary to practice the course contents.

It is a collection of learning materials, endorsed by SM publishing house, made exclusively for Primary School students (from the First to the Sixth Grade), with objectives and contents tailored to each level (6 courses/3 levels).


The methodology used by the COMPUTER LEARNING WITH LINUX coursebooks is based on a completely practical approach which allows immediate application not only in the classroom but also within the family environment.

With the COMPUTER LEARNING WITH LINUX coursebooks the students will learn:

  • To use the computer and the basic functions of the Linux operating system.
  • To safely use the Internet as both an information source and as a communication tool.
  • To do school work using word processors.
  • To create multimedia graphics and presentations using open source software tools.