logoCPClic&Play is an exclusive method of computer education, especially developed for boys and girls of Primary School: it helps students become familiar with the new technologies and trains them to use these in a constructive way within their family and school environment.

It is a fully flexible programme, tailored to each age level, with educational objectives suitable for each level which may be given as a complementary subject or as an extracurricular activity.

Clic&Play capably resolves the matter of computer teaching in those Centres that wish to tailor the education on offer to the needs of the information society.


Clic&Play places the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) within easy reach of Primary School students with a specific methodology tailored to their educational needs and level of psycho-evolutionary development.

Practical Methodology

Theoretical concepts are gradually introduced as the need arises to perform the activities, which are always fun and motivating.

Flexible Programme

Easily tailored to the different paces of learning.

Recreational and Participatory activities

For the students to learn while having fun.

Materials for Students




The student’s coursebook includes:

  • Illustrations, photos and diagrams that will make computer learning 100 percent intuitive.
  • Screenshots from the CD-ROM.
  • Exercises, activities and practicals.


The CD-ROM that comes with the Student’s Coursebook is the perfect complement as it includes all the elements necessary to perform the activities and practicals of the course.

Multimedia Activities. The younger children will find simple multimedia activities designed for the easy assimilation of the most abstract computer concepts and to help them become more familiar with keyboard use.

Files and Resources. The CD contains multimedia files and resources that the students can include in their work.

Examples and Exercises. In the CD-ROM, the students will find all the files, documents, models and templates necessary to perform the activities: drawing exercises, reading and writing activities, text editing and formatting, multimedia presentations…

Directory on the Internet

In order to carry out the activities related to the Internet and e-mail, an Internet directory of web pages that are of educational interest has been compiled.

Materials for Teachers



Teacher’s Guide

The teacher’s guide is the tool that orients and guides the teacher and includes:

  • Methodological guidelines.
  • Annual programme.
  • Lesson plans.
  • Optional activities.
  • Modules focused on a technology area

Teaching Modules. The contents are grouped into teaching modules focused on a specific technology area, and the contents, objectives and activities to be performed are detailed in each module.

Sessions. The contents and activities to carry out in each session are clearly detailed on a double page, as well as suggestions for alternative activities. In this way, the programme is sufficiently open and flexible in order to tailor to the different paces of individual learning.

Practicals. At the end of each teaching module, different activities that help review and put into practice the contents of the module are suggested.


The CD-ROM for teachers contains all the contents of the CD-ROM for students and likewise includes a selection of support programs and materials necessary to carry out the different activities suggested in the different technology areas.

  • Drawing and painting programs for the younger children.
  • Drawing and image editing programs.
  • MIDI sound editors and players.
  • Typing programs and writing games.
  • Educational games to improve memory and mouse use.
  • Utilities.

General Objectives

  • To help the students become familiar with the constructive use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).
  • To train the students to use the basic functions of the most common computer applications (computer and operating system use, design and graphics, word processing, multimedia presentations, Internet…).

Objetives and Contents Tailored to Each Age Level

The objectives and contents have been carefully selected for each level while bearing in mind the characteristics of each corresponding age group:

materiales_CP_NIVELESClic&Play 1 and 2 materiales_CP_NIVELES2Clic&Play 3 and 4   materiales_CP_NIVELES3Clic&Play 5 and 6


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