With the significant changes that language teaching has undergone with the evolution of New Technologies and advances in psycholinguistics and applied linguistics, it is essential for teachers to receive further training.

In order to adequately respond to the educational needs that arise with the implementation and development of bilingual sections, we offer courses of a linguistic and methodological nature.

The linguistics courses aim to develop, improve and/or hone the communicative competence of the teachers. These are ideal not only for language teachers but also for teachers of other subjects and may also serve as preparation for Official Certifications or for communication skills workshops.


  • A group of English teachers taking an advanced level course towards preparation for CAE (Cambridge University) or for ISE III (Trinity College London).
  • A group of teachers of other subjects with a basic level of English who want to develop their communicative competence in English: communication skills workshop.

Likewise, we also have language immersion courses approved by the Comenius scholarships.

Different institutions work with ACTIVA, with this being a registered Exam Centre, when validating the acquired knowledge in the different languages. All of these offer certificates governed by the parameters set forth by the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).