Language immersions are one of the most effective methods to reinforce language learning, as all types of everyday situations which can only be resolved using the foreign language in question are faced.

Language immersion builds and draws out all our language abilities, both conscious and subconscious. It is one of the most powerful tools at our disposal which we can use to boost our confidence and get over the fear and embarrassment of speaking in a foreign language, in order to adapt to new circumstances, and in essence, learn to use the language naturally in all types of situations.

Activa offers this fully flexible service that tailors to the needs of each specific group.

  • According to ages and level of language proficiency.
  • With different topics put forth by the group or by Activa.
  • During the time of the year and with the duration put forth by the participants.

Likewise, Activa will search for the most suitable sites based on varying factors such as price, distance, duration, characteristics of the area and topics for the immersion, always bearing in mind the preferences of the participating group.

Who is it for?

  • Students of the Third Grade of Primary School, Compulsory Secondary Education and Higher Secondary Education.
  • Adults.
  • Teachers of the centre.

Our Staff

  • Teachers/Communicators: experts in the respective language and in Education.
  • Native / Bilingual speakers with ample experience in teaching and encouragement.
  • Heads of studies and language coordinators: responsible for the smooth functioning of each project.