PIPE is a flexible and free programme that seeks to reinforce, improve and standardise language teaching in different educational domains in a comprehensive yet compatible manner producing results validated/certified by internationally recognised institutions.

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For whom?

For centres committed to quality who understand the great role languages will play in education in the future.

Any educational institution of any educational level may become an affiliate of the Plan.

For what?

To provide the student as well as his/her social network (School community, families,…) a hands-on, natural and continuous experience with languages.

To develop language proficiency useful for different situations in daily life.

The PIPE Plan seeks to implement and optimise the effectiveness of language teaching through:

  • The qualitative and quantitative improvement of the teaching methods used by the teachers.
  • External assessment of the students as well as the teachers and of the members of the school community of the centre using assessment instruments of unquestionable prestige such as CAMBRIDGE ENGLISH and TRINITY COLLEGE LONDON.


Organising and systematising language teaching in the educational institution through three core concepts:


More hours of exposure to the other language(s).


Instructor training = Better quality for the student.


Multilingual projects of the centre:

  • Language school.
  • Language assistants. Help consolidate the acquired language skills and to become more culturally familiar with the language.
  • etc…


Come and join PIPE!



More information in:

Castilla y León
902 09 01 16 | pipeescuelascatolicascyl@activa.org

Asturias, Madrid
902 36 34 21 | plurilinguismo.educativo@activa.org

902 36 34 21 | idiomes.cat@activa.org

Aragón, Galicia, Navarra, País Vasco, Cantabria, La Rioja
902 36 34 21 | plurilinguismo.educativo1@activa.org

C. Valenciana, Murcia
902 36 34 21 | plurilinguismo.educativo2@activa.org