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After the signing of the Bologna Declaration, the European Union, among other initiatives, has set out to give priority to foreign language learning within the curricula, setting as a target the learning of at least two languages aside from the mother tongue starting from 2010.

Through our support programmes for the implementation of multilingualism, we promote the learning of second languages from an early age on, thereby helping to increase communicative competence of the students and ensuring that a high percentage establish effective and competitive communication strategies within the new European area that is being constituted.

Once the conclusions of the agreement start to take effect, the level of knowledge of second languages will be essential in order to take up university studies, and it is only through the certification of an acceptable intermediate level that a student may participate in mobility programmes, scholarships and European projects.

Here at Activa, we work in cooperation with the Centre so that by the end of their schooling, the students are able to attain B2 Level (Independent User) of the Common European Framework of Reference, by providing full programmes that include:

  • Preparation courses for official exams meant for non-native speakers.
  • Complementary, cultural and linguistic activities that reinforce the acquisition of the second language.
  • Programmes abroad.
  • Educational assessment for students and teachers.
  • Bilingual and native teachers who are committed and involved.


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