The multi-activity programme has been designed by Activa to allow greater flexibility when planning for educational activities.

For all those students looking for a recreational and educational activity that does not necessarily mean an additional hour of class throughout the week, Activa offers a flexible alternative tailored to the specific needs of each family, leaving them to choose the number of hours per week that work best for them.

Furthermore, while planning the activities, Activa, together with the educational institution, will not only select the subjects to be taught, but also the language that these will be taught in.


Just like Complementary Hour, bearing in the mind the different levels, the most requested subjects are the following:

  • For Pre-school and the First Grade of Primary School, it is common to carry out activities that further motor, socio-emotional and sensory development, as well as those that enhance creativity, coupled with the introduction to a second language.
  • In the Second Grade of Primary School, the most solicited activities are those related to computer learning, reading encouragement and other intellectual development techniques (reading comprehension, attention and memory, etc.)

In the Third Grade of Primary School, the most requested are subjects most akin to those at school: computer learning, intellectual development techniques, or support lessons to augment curricular contents.