logo_campamentos154pxThese are recreational-educational activities, meant for boys and girls in Pre-school and Primary School, that take place during the months of July and August within the same Centre and are an essential part of the overall education process of the students.

Urban camps are a great option for working parents who are unable to reconcile their professional commitments with the school holidays of their children.

What are the schedules?

Each Centre decides on the schedule that best tailors to their specific needs. We also offer Early Birds and Lunchroom service for those families who require it.


What types of activities are there?

  • Recreation and animation (popular games, gymkhanas, dances, games with music…).
  • Sports (swimming pool, sports school, tracking and orienteering games…).
  • Artistic (painting, drawing, crafts workshops …).
  • Cultural (languages, computers, music, reading encouragement…).
  • Top activities (aquatic activities, magician and clown performances, guided activities to places of cultural interest, nature and recycling workshops…).

What materials are used?

The materials used, all carefully selected by our educational team, are tailored to the specific needs of each group and include material exclusively designed by ACTIVA for this purpose.

How are these structured?

The camp activities normally deal with a specific focus of interest:

“Mornings with Art”, “The World and Its Cultures”, “Young Inventors”, “Magician’s Apprentices”, “Time Machine”, Recycling Week, Olympic Week, Circus Week, Science Week, History Week, Film Week…


Our Staff

Education, Recreation and Sports professionals are in charge of running the ACTIVA Urban Camps, ensuring the education and entertainment of the boys and girls.