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With the continuous school day in June and September, we offer activities in the afternoons for these periods. The ACTIVE AFTERNOONS programme has a series of recreational-educational activities available during the afternoons that allow students to remain within their school environment while having fun and learning at the same time.

ACTIVE AFTERNOONS are meant for Pre-school and Primary School students.

These activities are carried out by professionals in Education, Recreation and Sports, who are charged with the education and entertainment of the boys and girls.

What are the schedules and how are the groups distributed?

ACTIVE AFTERNOONS take place in June and September from Mondays to Fridays. Students are distributed according to their ages.

The schedule tailors to the needs of each Centre and the programme appropriate for the ages of the students.

What types of activities are there?

The activities carried out in ACTIVE AFTERNOONS range from study time for older children, to immersion in a wonderful world of animation and entertainment through crafts, arts and theatre workshops, storytelling, group games, dances, sports, music activities and gymkhanas.

The Management Team and/or the Educational Team plan out the activities together in order to better adjust to the specific needs of the Centre.