Logo6HORAWe are pioneers in the development of the Extra Hour/Sixth Hour, which serves to complement the educational activities of the Centre. We are fully committed to the success of your educational project, thereby not only boosting academic progress of the students but also improving their preparation for the future.


The contents are explicitly related to the objectives and curricular contents: aside from the functional independence that optimises its accomplishment, it complements, supports and improves skills and abilities.


The students receive an additional hour of instruction within the schedule agreed upon with the Centre, thereby resulting in a total of five hours weekly.


Bearing in mind the different levels, the most requested subjects to reinforce are the following:

  • For Pre-school and the First Grade of Primary School, those activities linked to motor, socio-emotional and sensory development, as well as those that enhance creativity, favouring experiences aimed at stimulating intellectual capacity and integrated personal development.
  • In the Second Grade of Primary School, languages, computer learning, reading encouragement and other mental development techniques (reading comprehension, attention and memory, etc.)
  • In the Third Grade of Primary School, the subjects most akin to those at school: computer learning, languages, intellectual development techniques, or support lessons to augment curricular contents.